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Sun battery can use a few years? What are the influence factors?


German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. answer:

1, factors affecting sunshine German battery service life of many, including the factors of battery design and manufacturing, and the factors in the use and maintenance conditions of users. In the former case, water loss rate of positive grid corrosion resistant performance and battery are the two most important factors. Due to the positive plate thickness increasing, the Pb - Ca - Sn--Al four corrosion resistant alloy, based on grid corrosion speed calculation, the service life of up to 10 ~ 15 years battery. However, from the battery using the results, water loss speed becomes the key factor influencing the sealing the battery service life.

For AGM sealed lead acid battery, due to the adoption of lean type design, the battery capacity is very sensitive to the amount of electrolyte. Battery water loss 10%, capacity will be reduced by 20%; the loss of 25% water, battery life end. However, the colloid sealed lead acid battery uses rich liquid type design, the electrolyte density is lower than that of the AGM sealed lead acid battery, decrease the corrosion rate of grid alloy; electrolyte amount more than the latter 15% ~ 20%, low sensitivity to water loss. These measures are conducive to prolong the service life of battery.

According to the German SunShine Co to provide information, colloid electrolyte contains enough water to make the battery to run 12 to 14 years. The batteries in the first year of operation, water loss is 4% - 5%, and then decreased year by year, after 4 years of total water consumption is only 2%. OP2V sealed batteries in the 2.27V/ monomer condition float after 10 years of operation, its capacity and 90%. From the reflection of some domestic telecommunications sector, although SunShine Co colloid sealed lead acid battery price is higher, but its life is longer than the domestic AGM sealed lead acid battery.

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