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The sun battery bulging deformation?

German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. answer:

1 common faults

1.1 German sun battery bulging deformation

(1) VRLA the pressure in the battery greatly increases the bulging deformation

The VRLA battery belongs to the lean liquid to gas, which left a reserved channel, if the battery assembly in vivo electrolyte filling "excess", will prevent the oxygen diffusion to the negative electrode plate, reduces the recombination rate of oxygen, so that the body pressure increases and the bulging deformation.

The VRLA battery is connected in series, when in use, if the over charge, if there is a single cell of poor quality often has the internal gas composite adverse phenomenon, thus appeared the bulging deformation.

The float voltage is too high, the charging current, the positive electrode plate oxygen evolution speed, not in the composite cathode, the temperature inside the battery to rise very quickly, in time to exhaust conditions, pressure reaches a certain time, the bulging deformation.

The safety valve opening pressure is too high, or safety valve obstruction. When the pressure increases to a certain extent safety valve cannot be opened normally, in this case will cause the cell bulging deformation.

(2) the thermal runaway caused VRLA battery bulging deformation

VRLA battery working environment temperature is high; when the environmental temperature is too high, the charging voltage corresponding not according to specification requirements for temperature compensation; high charging voltage, charging current is too large, causing the battery overcharge, water loss quickly; charging equipment rectifier system failure (such as ripple coefficient is too large, the charging voltage and current deviation is too high); battery discharge current, discharge immediately after using high current charging, causing the heat can not be shed in time, the temperature is high, resulting in expansion; part of the battery installed ventilation cooling is not good, the gaps between cells, heat does not come out, the high temperature. The above several reasons can cause the thermal runaway of VRLA batteries, and battery thermal runaway caused by bulging deformation.

1.2 VRLA battery liquid leakage

(1) safety valve leakage

The safety valve has the function of sealing under pressure, exceeding the prescribed pressure (opening pressure of safety valve automatically open the bleeder), ensure the battery safe, but will cause battery leakage.

(2) the pole terminal leakage

VRLA battery installation for a period of time after the individual battery pole terminal leakage, put the hard connecting installation battery on the cabinet frame more prone to leakage, because in the cell under the action of gravity shelves plate deformation, hard links will make the battery terminal sealing adhesive force, easy injury, easy leakage.

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