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German sun electric group how to recycle waste battery


German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. manufacturers waste battery recycling is doing well. In the early 80 century, Germany was aware of the harm of waste batteries on the environment, and began to set up recycling network of waste battery. After years of groping, Germany has formed a set of effective waste battery recycling system.

First of all, the German government through the obligations and responsibilities of legislation to regulate cell production, sale and consumption of the parties. In 1998, the German federal government announced a waste battery recycling and processing of administrative regulations, after in 2006 formally promulgated cell method. The law is a set of harmful substances in batteries content production standards; two is the battery manufacturers have the obligation to clearly identify the harmful substance containing batteries, and battery recycling system or by the statutory standards to establish their own recycling system; three is to provide the Seller shall have the obligation to free battery waste battery collection, and inform the likelihood of consumer batteries recovery; four is to provide the battery, consumers have the obligation will waste battery recycling point back to the store or legal.

Secondly, the German battery manufacturers, vendors and Industry Association jointly create battery recycling system. In 1998, Germany was the 8 leading battery manufacturers and trade associations to create a "common recovery system" (GRS). The system was set up to form the foundation, not for profit purposes, all the costs borne by the recovery system in battery manufacturer and distributor. At present, the system of the total battery producers and distributors of production and sales accounted for more than 80% of the total German market battery. According to statistics, the GRS system with a total of 170000 collection points in germany.

In 2012, the system collected 14511 tons of batteries, the recovery rate was 43.6%, and the recovery utilization rate of the battery is close to 100%, to become Germany and even Europe's most efficient battery recycling system. In addition, Germany and other battery recycling system, such as CCR, REBAT recovery system. This is a profit for the purpose of recycling system, its market share of about 15%.

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