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Temperature show that German sun battery adaptation

In normal use German sun battery when you will find, if Germany sun battery use time is too long, or overheating temperature will result in softening phenomenon, this phenomenon is more obvious in small batteries, if the battery discharge off you will find the German sun battery has gradually become soft, gently pinch will sunken.

Use beyond this range of temperature, sunshine German battery is damaged or deformed may use German sun battery standard temperature is 25 íŠ discharge (machine when using charge:-15 íŠ ~50 íŠ): save 0 íŠ ~40 íŠ -15 íŠ ~40 íŠ: please do not use the sun sunshine German batteries near the heating transformer, such as the use of the heater near, cause the German sun battery to leak a liquid, heat, explosion etc.. Please don't put the German sun battery wet or submerged in water and sea water, if wet or submerged in water, sunshine German batteries will be corrosion, cause the electric shock and fire. Please do not under the hot car, direct sunlight strong place, in front of the fire, the fire using or storing the sunshine German batteries, such as the use or preserved in these places, sometimes become German sun battery liquid leakage, fire, explosion.

Please do not use German sun battery in place of dust, the place of dust, may be the cause of the short circuit. If used in place of dust, please check regularly. The use of multiple sunshine German batteries, first of all, correctly connected between each other, and then connect the German sun battery and charger or load. In this case, terminal sunshine German battery pole is connected to charger or load, then the German sun battery íĐ pole and íĐ terminal charger or load are connected. If the German battery, charger, light load connection polarity errors occur, may cause an explosion, fire and the sun battery, damage to the machine, sometimes may cause personal injury.

The valve control type (seal) lead Germany sun battery (hereinafter referred to as the German sun battery) into the machine, please do not put the machine into a sealed structure, if the machine is closed, the machine may be charging rupture or sunshine German battery, please use special charger and comply with the charging conditions specified by the company, if other conditions for charging, German sun battery temperature rise, hydrogen is produced from Germany sun battery, there may be cause leakage, fire, explosion etc..

The use of German sun battery in the medical device, please other backup power system for relatively independent and the sunshine German battery, in order to prevent the German sun battery if not start, resulting in personal injury. In order to make direct contact with the container not with metal Panasonic battery, please use the acid resistant, heat insulation object, if not insulated, German sun battery liquid leakage, there may be reasons of smoke, fire and so. Please do not produce sparks (switch, fuse) object mounted near the German sun battery, in addition, please do not let the fire near the German sun battery, gas, sunshine sunshine German batteries in charging likely combustible spark, may be the cause of the fire, explosion.

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