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A412-12V series A512-12V series A602-2V series

The sun battery product features

Range of capacity (C10): 12V -5.5Ah 200Ah series, OPZV-2V series -150-2000Ah

Voltage: 12V; 2V

The design of Floating Life: at 25 5 , 12V series for 15 years; 2V series for 18 years

Life cycle: in the standard conditions of use, A400-12V series 25%DOD 2950 cycles after 3500 cycles of 25%DOD 2V series

Self discharge rate 2%/ months;

High charge acceptnce, festival of energy saving;

Wide working temperature: -20 ~ 55

Shelf life: after charging fully, in the condition of 25 standing for 2 years, the remaining battery capacity is still more than 50%, after charging, the battery capacity can be restored to 100% of the rated capacity.

Anti deep discharge performance is good: 100% after discharge can continue to be connected to the load, then charging around to restore original capacity.

The sun battery structure

A gel electrolyte: state, no delamination, cycle performance of battery; electrolyte density low, slow down on grid corrosion, long service life of battery charging;

Fumed silica: imported from Germany, good dispersion, stable performance;

Plate: radial rib design, coating material, large current discharge performance;

Separator: the European Amersil production of PVC-SiO2 colloidal battery separator, small resistance, high hole rate, long service life;

Design: excess electrolyte electrolyte loading high, full of plate, plate and shell cavity, battery good heat dissipation, less prone to thermal runaway phenomenon;

Colloidal tight coated group: prevent the falling of the active material;

Patent colloid accumulator safety valve, high sensitivity, the use of safe and reliable;

Battery shell: thickened groove, cover design, with shock resistance, shock resistance of ABS materials, transportation, use no leakage, drum shell risk, safe and reliable;

The sun battery application

The telephone exchange; office automation system

The electric appliance equipment, medical equipment and instruments; radio communication system

The computer UPS uninterruptible power supply; emergency lighting EPS

The power transmission station, switch control and emergency lighting; portable electrical appliances and mining system

The fire protection, security and alarm monitoring and navigation; traffic signal lamp

The standby power supply with the communication; DC power supply of the power plant, hydroelectric power station

The substation switch control system; DC power supply for railway

Solar energy, wind energy system, the mobile station


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