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For every product and every service we provide worldwide, German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. purpose is a comprehensive understanding of customer needs, provide a full range of services. We are fully aware that: quality must be recognized by customers, because the customer has direct experience of the products and services, and this feeling by their show or not show needs and expectations to measure. Every job is engaged in for our staff, the implementation of the standard is: the first time do right, every time do the right. German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. solemn commitment, we will continue to progress in all areas of our business.

German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. has a set of perfect after sale service system and a strong after sale service team, for your products use conditions, we specially make the following commitments:

1 in the customer service process in the implementation of "full service", from pre-sale, sale, after sale to provide non-standard design, a series of installation and debugging, technical advice and training, regular visits and customer complaints properly handling customer satisfaction services.

2 we have established a perfect three grade service support system, provide a powerful, timely, thoughtful and efficient service for customers. The technology department in charge of non-standard design; Customer Engineer - responsible for operation and maintenance personnel training and technical exchanges; installation Waiter - responsible for installation and debugging, operation and maintenance, inspection and on-site technical training etc..

Service technical equipment of 3 strong, including charging and discharging motor and special online resistance tester, improves the response speed and the ability to solve problems, companies in the service center and the foreign representative offices are equipped with tools and spare parts, to resolve quality complaints to the fastest speed.

4 the company established a customer file management system perfect, detailed information on the details of using the battery every customer and our service detection are documented, regularly sorted, the necessary information to our internal related department report. So that we all know the use of the battery at the customer site, take this as the basis, and constantly improve our product performance and service level.

Pre sales service:

Completes the product publicity, mainly according to the purpose and demands of customers, to provide the best products with excellent price performance. According to customer needs, providing a variety of design, including the battery configuration problems and according to the customer site provides battery rack design etc.. Our principle is that as long as you will be proposed to solve the problem at hand, the remaining work done by us to.

In the sale of services:

All tickets sold battery, we can according to the customer request to the designated destination, in order to maximize customer recognition.

After-sale service.

1 to sell batteries we build customer files "", to implement the tracking service.

2 batteries are sold, the call tracking, and according to customer requirements to perform thorough inspection at least once a year (100AH Series), and reported to the customer the battery usage, so rest assured that customer use.

3 customer complaints, provide solutions within an hour. Including site restoration scheme and returns processing program, until the customer satisfaction. The purpose is to minimize customer trouble.

4 under normal circumstances, return the battery in the two weeks to issue the test report, it is our reason I bear the responsibility; our reason my battery, we shall provide corresponding report, the use of customer guidance.

Special instructions:

For my company's products, the company will also provide related services according to customer needs. Provide inspection, training and other meaningful work for the customer. In order to solve the customer's any menace from the "rear", ensure the battery in the normal operation of the internet.

Service promise: that the purchase of German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd.'s battery products, in accordance with the instructions for use under normal use, the shelf life of three years, such as three years battery itself quality problems, we will be responsible for the repair or replacement.


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