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German sun gel battery can be refurbished to use?

According to the company to understand the domestic many dealers recycling old sun battery refurbishment, then sold to the customer, do you think this will bring losses to customer? After the battery can be renovated as normal conditions of use?

German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. customer service staff to answer your questions:

The sun battery is one of the world's best industrial batteries, is the global leader in battery industry, it is the world's best a colloid accumulator, a service life of 20 years, it is understood that some dealers at the battery shell is not damaged, the battery is not to limit the voltage measured in years, the battery is the number of V, general can reach more than 12V shell not damaged, the sales staff will then use,

Battery refurbishment is available for use, but remember the following points, if some did not reach the recommended not to use.

1, check whether there are cracks in the sun battery liquid leakage phenomenon, if the appearance of intact, it can be used as normal, but found that the crack leakage (strongly recommended not to use) will cause the battery ignition phenomenon.

2, measure the battery down can reach 12V 13.5V, if not reach this voltage, not recommended to use, will be brought to machine equipment damage,

3, measuring instrument, test resistance sun battery is normal, normal use, if the battery resistance, it is not normal, the most likely is that the battery voltage has been scrapped, do not put out.

German Sun Electric Group commitment:

The above information is for reference, not as a purchase basis, if in doubt: please call our 24 hours free hotline: 4006-717-027


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