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Germany Sunshine Group serious statement

Recently, I found on the Internet, some market selling fake my company "sunshine German electric group" of the enterprise name registration business website, battery products and publicity, sales of "sunshine German Sonnenlinshn" and other brands. Checking the website are false website. His behavior did not obtain German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd., German sun electric group legal authorization and license, such behavior has seriously mislead consumers, violating Germany sunshine electric group (China) Co., Ltd.'s legitimate rights and interests.

In view of this: maintenance to protect the legitimate rights and interests, the company: "sunshine German Sonnenlinshn" battery brand reputation and promote the healthy development of the battery market the company issued a solemn statement as follows

1, German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. German electrical group in China with a total investment of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, the other with "" German Sun Electric Group "or to" Sonnenlinshn "as the name of the main body of market and German Sun Electric Group (China) Co. Ltd are no association.


2, the German Sun Electric Group authorization and permission, German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. marketing, advertising, sales, distribution and related business in the mainland Chinese, and authorized distributors in marketing, promotional activities in the sales of. Use the "Sonnenlinshn" registered trademark "sunshine" series and "brand name: German sunshine".

3, http://www.bjexide.com.cn/ (Chinese website and English) German sunshine electric group (China) Co., Ltd. only official website. Find any other use "sunshine German electrical products and website, are fake products.

4, any "German sun" brand battery authorized distributor or agent license issued by the business are held by German sunshine Electric Group dealers authorized certificate and is equipped with the dealer number of consumers to buy the one and only, and by way of 4006-717-027 and German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd. confirm query.

5, recently the company has launched a nationwide "for fake German sunshine" battery protection anti-counterfeiting campaign actively by consumers, civil and administrative procedures against the enterprises and individual fraud and infringement of trademark, and has achieved remarkable efficiency. I also welcome the community to actively report the fake Web site. Report telephone: 861056198771.


I hereby declare!

German Sun Electric Group (China) Co., Ltd.

2014 07 month for three days


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